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Concrete Waterproofing Membrane Systems | How to seal Concrete economically efficient?

Concrete Waterproofing Membrane Systems

Types of manufactured rubbers

Due to its high tensile strength, high thermal stability and high flexibility for all insulation works of buildings and structures such as tunnels, pools, bridges and sanitary toilets, single-layer or composite Layers have a lot of uses that are as follows.

Concrete Waterproofing Membrane Systems| How to seal Concrete economically efficient?

Sealing Concrete before application

Sealing Concrete before applicationWaterproofing Systems

1-Pure Powder (Alumina Uncoated)

Consisting of a coated lace coat, this type of insulation is used in places where sunlight is not likely to be used, and is often used to insulate sanitary, porcelain, and so on. Also, the cost of powder coating is less than that of aluminum coated aluminum.

2- single-layer type A (aluminum-coated rubbers)

It consists of a layer of polyester, saturated with bitumen, and also a layer of aluminum foil at its highest point. This type of insulation is most commonly used in places where sunlight is intense, such as roofs.

3. Dual-layer extruded extruded exhaust pipe

It consists of a tile layer, a layer of polyester, which is coated with a layer of aluminum foil in the outer part, than the type A.

4. Pebble rubble (colored or colorless pebble)

This type also consists of a layer of polyester and bitumen, but in the outer part, instead of foil is used from pebbles, and the most interesting features of pebble rubble is that it has a variety of colors. This type of rubble Mostly used in places where traffic is high, and more often in the case of steep roofs and walls and sight areas.

Concrete Waterproofing Systems with comparing

Concrete Waterproofing Systems with comparingWhat factors affect the price of the rubble:


It is a bit challenging to buy a profitable product with the cost of the rubble, as the factors have led to a lot of variation.

1. Polymer ruberoid

In this type of rubble, 60 to 70 percent pure bitumen is used, which is made from the distillation of crude oil from the refinery. Polyester, Tish, Aluminum layer, Polyethylene film, Talcum powder, APP materials, Sacking plastic sills, other materials that make up this material. The construction of this ruber is cooked in a mixing polymer making machine and converted into a liquid The production line becomes the rubble, the benefits of this ruber …

1) This isotype after installation with a minimum subsistence minimum of 15 years.

2 – High flexibility in the cold season until 5 up to 100 degrees

3- In this type, because of the use of pure bitumen is suitable weight and preventing excessive build-up on the building

4- This type of insulation is made according to the international standard and the national standard of Iran and is located in the group of insulation insulation A

The explanations mentioned were about polymer insulators to purchase without notice, and this type of ruber is known as BPP.

best brands for Waterproofing Membrane

best brands for Waterproofing Membrane

Blown blaze

The main material of this kind of blown bitumen isugum is BOF, which is recognizable in the market. The blown bitumen is generally solid and hard to see and hot air from 200 to 300 degrees through the perforated pipes to the enclosure containing Mazut is blown. By this process, the hydrogen atoms in the hydrocarbon molecules are combined with air oxygen, and by the formation of water, the polymerization occurs, and in this method, without adding any substance directly to the production line. And compared to Polymeric rubble (BPP) is much weaker, and thus has less life and less quality. Blown Bodybuilder (BOF) is used to make roofing sheets, car batteries, and lining.

And with these tips, you can choose a type of ruber based on the amount of capital that is best used for you.

where to buy Waterproofing Membrane in UK?

where to buy Waterproofing Membrane in UK?

Piling base insulation with insulation

Insulation of the base of the column with a waterproofing, insulating the base of the structure of the skeleton of the building in the form of rubble or bitumen. Since the column is an important component in the maintenance of the structure and is usually installed vertically in the building and the floor loads caused by the floors are of great importance. is.

Therefore, protection against decay and rusting of base columns exposed to humidity is necessary.

Types of columns

1- metal column

Due to its metallic nature, these pillars are highly exposed to rust and corrosion that should only be bitten.

2- Concrete pillar

This column has a much longer life span than its metallic type, and can be used to insulate this column with a simple rubble.

Note: The price of the base curtain is lower than the foil insulation, and the base of the column should generally be a simple ruberoid and no longer costly.

Some owners may need to use colored insulator for pillar base insulation, but it is important to note that these materials will soon lose their properties and become vulnerable to moisture and humidity. Of course, the moisture insulation should also be of a standard type to respond to corrosion and dampness in the long run.

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